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Level IIIA Body Armor Discreet Bundle
Level IIIA Body Armor Discreet Bundle

Level IIIA Body Armor Discreet Bundle

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•  Stand alone soft armor panel with multiple hit capability
•  Each plate is approximately 7/16" Thick
•  Ability to be used in front and/or back.
•  Aramid soft armor panel design
•  Features our Proprietary Waterproof Rip-Stop Cover
•  Fully tested by third party ballistics lab, NTS Chesapeake
•  Rated for up to six hits from .44 mag 240-grain SJHP @ 1430 ± 30 ft/s
•  No Lead Time – Quick Ship
•  We recommend using these in conjunction with our IIIA trauma pads to alleviate blunt force trauma

Weights (per plate):

Medium Individuals (Approx Height of 5'7" - 6')
10x12 -  12 oz

Larger Individuals (Approx Height of 6'1" or taller)
11x14 -  16 oz

  • Discreet Plate Carrier with external pocket for hard or soft body armor. Wrap around hook and loop fastener cummberbund and adjustable shoulder straps. Fits: Medium to 2XL.
  • Front panel measures 16.5"W X 16.0"H (from bottom of neck cut). Rear panel measures 21.5"W X 18.5"H (from bottom of neck cut).
  • Exterior body armor pockets for hard/soft plates/panels. Exterior body armor pockets will accommodate 10"W X 12"H or 11"W X 14"H soft armor panels or hard armor plates. Inside the armor pockets includes a height strap with hook and loop fasteners to adjust how high/low the smaller armor plate/panel sits inside the pocket.
  • Maximum cummberbund extension fit is 57"
  • Adjustable hook and loop fasterner 2" shoulder straps. For adjusting how high/low the plate carrier sits on the torso.
  • 2"H X 9"L Loop fasteners sewn to the front and rear panels for name, unit, or moral patches.

We offer a NO BS warranty for 15 years from the original purchase date against manufacturer defects. 

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Level IIIA Body Armor Discreet Bundle