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Level IIIA Soft Back Pack Armor
Level IIIA Soft Back Pack Armor

Level IIIA Soft Back Pack Armor

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Down Range Industries Level IIIA Backpack Armor is the perfect option for protection on the go. It is designed to fit into a laptop bag, briefcase, and the laptop compartment of most backpacks. The soft armor panel is lightweight and flexible making it comfortable to carry with you. 

Our Backpack Armor has been tested by an independent NIJ credentialed laboratory to certify that it meets NIJ level IIIA specifications, which states that it will stop  6 rounds of .44 MAG SJHP.

•  Priced PER PLATE
•  A stand alone soft armor panel with multiple hit capability
•  Approximately 3/4" Thick
•  Ability to be used in front and/or back.
•  Will fit most common back packs
•  Aramid Soft Armor panel design
•  Features our Proprietary Waterproof Rip-Stop Cover
•  Fully tested by third party ballistics lab, NTS Chesapeake
•  Rated for up to six hits from .44 mag 240-grain SJHP @ 1430 ± 30 ft/s
•  Stops most pistol rated threats including 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP
•  No Lead Time – Quick Ship
•  Includes our IIIA Trauma Pad to alleviate back face deformation
•  Weighs only 16 oz

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Level IIIA Soft Back Pack Armor