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NcSTAR Fast Plate Carrier 11x14
NcSTAR Fast Plate Carrier 11x14

NcSTAR Fast Plate Carrier 11x14

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  • Adjustable for length 2" side straps with large quick connect plastic buckles that can be extended from 30"L out to 60"L.
  • The quick connect buckles allow you to quickly and easily get the Fast plate carrier onto your body.
  • Quick connect buckles and the adjustable strap are positioned for easy access while being worn.
  • PALs webbing on the front & back panels allows the attachments of MOLLE accessories like holsters, medical kit pouches, radio/utility pouches, and other essential gear.
  • Adjustable for length Shoulder straps with large heavy duty quick connect buckles with hook and loop fasteners.
  • Includes two padded shoulder covers with PALs webbing, hook and loop fasteners, and loops for communications cabling routing.
  • The top of the front and rear panels feature a 10.0"W X 4.0"H loop fastener patch areas for attaching Department/Unit patches, name tapes, and moral patches to the front and rear panels.
  • The front and rear panels also feature hook and loop fasteners loops on both sides for communications cabling routing.
  • The Heavy Duty drag handle webbing extends from the top of the rear panel to nearly the bottom of the rear panel on both sides for strength and durability.
  • Made with tough and durable 1050 Nylon material the Fast plate carrier is water and chemical resistant.
  • Double and re-enforcement cross stitching in critical areas.
  • CVPCFL2995B, CVPCFL2995G, or CVPCFL2995T fits 11X14" plates.
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NcSTAR Fast Plate Carrier 11x14